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Leo Daily Horoscope

Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs.

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Leo Rising Fashion Style As the kings and queens of the jungle, the Leo rising style is to carry a regal air. Golden touches and sunny, warm tones throughout their fashion work well. Leo Leo Style luscious leo rising sign style rising signs.

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Remember, these are general predictions of the month ahead, so you should read both your sun sign and ascendant horoscope to get a full understanding of what the month ahead holds. Personally, I always find my ascendant sign horoscope to be more accurate, but to each their own. Leo is a fire sign, which means those with personal planets i. The element fire is also compatible with the element air, so those with personal planets in air signs i.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will likely feel as though a weight has been lifted, compared to the way they felt all throughout Cancer season. Unfortunately, the earth signs may feel the wrath this season — but, like I said, don't panic until you consider the rest of your birth chart.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Recognizing the zodiac archetypes and the essence behind each astrological season is always important. For instance, Mercury-ruled Gemini season taught you how to brainstorm, communicate, and utilize the resources all around you. Then , Cancer season helped you look inward and taught you how to use your words in order to make your emotional needs a priority.

Now , Leo season is here to bring you closer to your inner child and the things that bring you joy.

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  5. If not received, your temper tends to flare. Overblown displays of outrage brought on by wounded pride can mask deep insecurities.

    The need for comfort and luxury is likely to lead you to work very hard for success. Your love of recognition makes achievement even more important for you. Give them their due attention and they will be there for you on the occasional day that you are down. You are naturally here to lead in some way, but need to learn that leadership involves sharing command.

    What is Ascendant?

    Finding out what makes others special and unique helps you incorporate them into your plans. You must learn to temper your urge to fulfill your own potential by learning to appreciate and accept the contribution that every body makes to the whole, of which we are all a part. You are so inclined to do things your own way, you may look down your nose, so to speak, at others who do not do things as you would.

    People will follow you gladly if you treat them with respect.

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    Scorn them, and they may leave you all alone, which is precisely the situation you fear. You need an audience or form of feedback to know you are performing at your best.

    Sun enters Scorpio

    Sometimes working with a therapist or client-entered astrologer is the best way to understand how you feel. When young you may have trouble adjusting your expectations to the actual circumstances of your life, but over time you will learn how to find the magic in the every day and the best in the people around you. Recognize where your talents lie and turn them into strengths. This means spending the time required to be your best and make the most of your unique gifts.

    Then you can shine from the uniqueness of your own creative spirit, bringing joy light and laughter to every situation of which you a part.

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    Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within! What Is A Sun Sign? How Can Astrology Help?


    Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs.